The "ACLU" and "Americans United for Separation of Church and State" and other Anti God groups have become very aggressive in their efforts to strip us of our Religious Freedom.  Their ultimate agenda is the removal all aspects of God and Christianity from our nation.  We can continue to sit back, shake our heads, complain and do nothing about what they are doing across America, as well as, right here in our community, or we can implement an offensive strategy.  

"A Free America" believes we must implement an offensive stategy.  That strategy will begin with organizing Leadership Teams that will work together to infiltrate the 7 mountains of influence in America with the truth.  Our teams will hand deliver, mail, or email documentation on our Freedom of Religious Expression into the hands of the leaders in Arts and Entertainment, Business, Education, Family, Government, Media and Religion.  Then as a result, the leaders in each of these 7 areas of influence can educate those around them with the constitutional truth on their Freedom of Religious Expression. 

In addition, each of our leaders will be a what we will term "A Free America" Spotter.  We will act like a severe weather spotter, but instead of looking for tornadoes we'll be looking for anyone who has, or is having their Freedom of Religious Expression infringed upon.  When we find those who are facing a freedom dilemma we will lend a helping hand by directing them to "A Free America's" website, and then to the "Alliance Defense Fund".  

The "Alliance Defense Fund" is a group that defends our First Amendment Rights and Religious Freedom, and they will stand with us in our efforts.  They clearly know and understands our constitutional rights, and their attorneys will go to bat for us to defend those rights on a case by case basis.

Once this offensive strategy is perfected and we are succesful in accomplishing this mandate in this area, we will move forward by notifying other towns and cities across America.  We will help them replicate what we've accomplished in our community.  Imagine this template being sucessfully implemented in city after city across our nation.  If for the sake of our families and friends we commit ourselves to fulfilling this mandate we will once more see a free America just as our founders intended.        

We truly believe that this is the beginning of a God ordained reversal from our Religious Freedom being restricted, to our Religious Freedom being restored.  This restoration will open doors that have been closed so we can truly advance the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

We have no more time to waste.  This plan of action must be put into motion immediately so don't wait another day to join the Leadership Team and begin attending all meetings. 

In the weeks to come we will be composing a list of our Religious Rights in each of the 7 mountains of influence.  That list will be posted here as well as printed and handed out at our meetings so we can move forward with educating those around us.  

Check back on this page for information on our Religious Freedom that's specific to each of the mountains of influence.  This information will be acquired through the Alliance Defense Fund...

A Free America
Our Plan of Action